Magnified Healing Phase 1

Magnified Healing, Phase 1 is a beautiful fifth dimensional healing modailty brought to us through the loving and compassionate energy of Ascended Master Kwan Yin. (Goddess of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness).

Magnified Healing brings us powerfully into our hearts, strengthening our connection to our Higher-Selves, the Universe and the Earth. It clears any lower vibrational energy within our systems and brings in the ‘higher light’, aligning us with the essence of our soul’s unique path of service in this lifetime.

Magnified Healing is a very powerful and intense form of healing that works on deep levels. Unique to Magnified Healing is that you are completely one with this energy. Rather than being a channel for the Magnified Healing energy, you actually become it through cultivating it within yourself as a daily self-practice. As part of the practice we activate the 3Fold Flame in the heart, clear our karma, activate all our strands of DNA, transform our being into Pure Light and facilitate our Ascension. We work with the breath and movement to become co-creators of this profound energy.

During the workshop, a sacred Initiation with Flower Essence will expand and activate your lower and higher centers and seal the energies into perfect synthesis.

Following on from the two-day workshop, there is an eleven-day period of integration and self-practice. After this you are empowered to teach and share this beautiful energy all over the world.

Magnified Healing is used for distant healing, healing karma, building the Light Body, activating all the strands of DNA, as well as healing the Earth.

What you will learn:
As well as learning the Magnified Healing daily self-practice, you will also practice offering Magnified Healing treatments to others. We will also spend time learning, discussing and integrating the theory behind each section of the practice, as outlined in your official Magnified Healing manual.

Meditation for Empowerment:
Acknowledgment of the ThreeFold Flame in the heart and Higher Self.

• Alignment of Spiritual Centers
Clearing of the Light Channel
Co-creating the energy of Magnified Healing
Connection of the Nervous System
Healing others and Self
Healing of others
Healing of self
Healing of Karma
Preparation for Ascension
Absent Healing
Healing of the Earth
Initiation with Flower Essence
Certification as Master-Teacher of Magnified Healing® OF THE

Whilst the energy itself is extremely gentle and loving – clearing and releasing the energies that stand in the way of receiving it can sometimes present us with challenges! For this reason I provide ongoing advice/support as well as regular meetups following on from the course. I am available for you to ask me any questions you may have regarding your self-practice or to discuss any other issues arising.

You will also receive your 85-page Magnified Healing Phase 1 teaching Manual, as well as a Certificate, and one bottle of Magnified Healing Essence.

If you would like to experience a Magnified Healing session with me before committing to the course, I offer a discounted rate for prospective students. Alternatively if you would just like to meet or talk on the phone to discuss the course I will be happy to do that.

For a detailed description of Magnified Healing and its origins, take a look at the official Magnified Healing website:

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