Reiki 1 Workshop

Learn how to channel Reiki healing energy in a calm, safe, supportive environment. The Reiki Level 1 workshop focuses on self-healing, empowering you to take healing into your own hands. By the end of the weekend you  will feel confident in using Reiki for self-healing, as well as to support family and friends.


Anyone can benefit from learning Reiki, it is not just for those who intend to go on to become professional practitioners. There are many different reasons why people are drawn to Reiki, for example, you may want to support yourself or a family member through an illness, or you may just be curious. Many people (such as myself) are initially drawn to Reiki as a way to learn to manage their sensitivity to other people’s emotions or the energies of certain environments.


Once you learn Reiki you will be able to ‘lay your hands’ on yourself whenever you feel out of balance. It becomes a daily self-practice, and a way of life, as you use the energy to support yourself in maintaining your well-being, and to help you manage the ups and down of life more smoothly and skilfully. As well as its simplicity, the beauty of Reiki is that it meets us wherever we’re at, supporting us to heal and grow on all levels of our being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).


Experiencing the attunement to the first healing ray of Reiki  (Level 1), is an exciting moment as you begin to explore energy and sense auras. For many people it is the beginning of a journey that continues to take them deeper and deeper as their self-awareness and self-trust increases.


My approach as a teacher is to provide a balance between theory and practice so that you leave feeling confident in your ability to channel the energy. I will encourage you to ask as many questions as you have, and give you plenty of opportunities to play with the energy, so that you learn to sense it moving through your body. It will be a wonderful weekend of exploration, learning and fun.


During the Reiki level 1 course you will:

  • Receive the attunement (energetic transfer) to the first ray of Reiki energy
  • Be guided through a brief history of Reiki & talk through the Reiki Principles
  • Discuss and experience Reiki, and explore your own unique relationship to it i.e. discover howyousense it in your body.
  • Learn about the seven main energy centres in the body (the chakra system) and how each of these relate to our experience of life.
  • Learn to sense and scan the chakras.
  • Learn how to conduct mental and emotional clearances.
  • Learn about grounding and protection.
  • Learn the hand positions for self treatment and for treating others.
  • Learn techniques to stay centred in your everyday life.
  • Give and receive a full reiki treatment.

You will also receive:

  • Your Reiki Level 1 Manual
  • Your Reiki Level 1 Certificate
  • Continued support from me;
  • A two hour follow up session approximately three weeks after the course is provided for continued support in your Reiki practice. It is a space to ask any questions, revise techniques and to give and receive a Reiki treatment. I also organise monthly Reiki shares for this purpose which you will be welcome to attend.

When you have decided to start your Reiki journey it is important that you choose a teacher that is right for you. Therefore I offer potential students a discounted Reiki treatment to discuss my approach so you can decide whether or not this is the path you want to take.

Please contact me for more information; call 0834747709 or email You can also find out more about me through my website:


Price: €200, with €50 deposit required at the time of booking. This includes the Reiki manual, certificate, and two hour Reiki Share 3 weeks after completion of the course, as well as ongoing support and guidance from me.


Testimonials from a previous Reiki Level 1 student

“The inner confidence I have got from my one to one treatments, doing the Reiki 1 workshop and meeting up for our Reiki share groups is amazing.


You opened up a new world to me and supported me to overcome huge challenges in my life. You taught me not to carry the baggage of my past and to put my energy into the highest good of others and myself.


I look forward to continuing our Reiki journey together, along with some of the other amazing people you have introduced me to.”


– Margaret Walsh, primary school teacher. 21/12/2017

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