Magnified Healing

Magnified healing

This beautiful feminine healing energy was given to us by beloved Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion, Mercy and Forgiveness, whose presence is palpable during the session. Magnified Healing focuses on clearing away any hindrances (i.e. lower vibrational energies) on the path to Ascension. You may be drawn to this healing if you are at a crossroads on your spiritual journey, or really wanting to shed old behaviour patterns that no longer serve you. You may be feeling a little lost and wanting to connect more strongly to your higher purpose.

This healing energy works deeply and powerfully on the karmic level of our experience, strengthening our awareness of our connection to God/Source energy and to the Earth. Its focus is the heart, restoring a feeling of wholeness and reminding us of the essence of who we are and what we came here to do.
The session itself involves active participation from you, so there are some words and phrases to repeat, relating to the clearing of negative karma (a special dispensation Kwan Yin offers as part of this healing).

The sessions themselves last approximately 1 hour.

For more information please refer to the official Magnified Healing website.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have if you are considering coming for a Magnified Healing session.